To activate there are the following steps: 

  • 1) fill the mandatory fields such as display name, password, bio etc. NO personal information are required. 
  • 2) Upload a photo for the profile
  • 3) Set up Bank account. Stunnerz allows to use your own bank account to receive the payments. You can select the kind of transaction you like to use based on the location of your bank. If in EU and UK you should use SEPA or if outside you should chose Int. Wire (SWIFT). Stunnerz provide the option to open a dedicated bank account with Bitsafe (Please see related information)
  • 4) Verify your ID - this is mandatory to activate the account. In your account, go to Menu, Update Profile.  Access to the "ID Documents" and follow all the steps.  Stunnerz uses Ondato ( for ID verification which is the state-of-the art tool used by major companies and banks and Stunnerz cannot interact with this process. The data are managed by Ondato, Stunnerz doesn't have any access to the data. 
  • 5) Verify your email - you received a mail from Stunnerz, you need to access to your email account and confirm the address.